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Updated May 23rd, 2020

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Again, I'll be honest, I do more than build websites. I am a tech (I build & troubleshoot Windows, Macintosh, Linux, & Amiga computer systems) and a creative guy (I design fonts, logos, graphics, websites, marketing messages, promotion strategies and I optimize websites). As a part of that scenario, I have to have domains, servers, shopping carts & TLS encryption certificates ready for sale to my clientele. And because I don't charge much for these services, I don't have a big marketing budget for myself or my various online endeavors. So, when I do put up one of my own websites, you can bet that I start with my own list of online resources, first. After all, what good is word-of-mouth advertising if I stifle myself? 

Also, because I make very little and now can only work part-time after I retired, and because I do have significant business expenses trying to maintain the computing power, hardware, peripherals and software I need to operate, and since a minimal goverment retirement income doesn't even come close to making ends meet in these tough times, I will also link to some products & services as an affiliate in order to make a commission based on my recomendation. Not all recomendations will be my products or services, or earn me some small commission for my recomendation, as there will be plenty of stuff that I just plain like and will give a heads-up on, as well. And I won't recomend anything I wouldn't recomend to a family member (with or without any commission).

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