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Knowledge Base

Everything we know so far...

Knowledge Base

I suppose I should pretend I know something? LOL.

The thing is that every website usually needs a little area where terms and/or procedures are usually described. This little spot on the web is just for that, only Last National doesn't actually have a defined mission, as of yet.

I will tell you that I do often misspell 'web site' as 'website' because at one point Google and even other search engines wanted you to do that because at the time they had trouble putting those two insignificant little words together as one important one when separated by a space.

I however, do not misspell 'home page' as 'homepage' because I was never given a heads-up that it was OK to do that, even to this very day (May 26th, 2020).

These are little quirky things you might experience around Last National, because I am not real experienced at conforming to anything. 

For instance, I know that when I use quotes but the sentence continues, I absolutely refuse to put a comma inside the quote unless they are relevant to that quote...

Jim told me, "Go ahead", when I asked him if I could start the project now.

Technically, "Go ahead" is a complete thought and should have a period, but as the sentence continues it would interupt that flow. So I refuse.  And I do not put the comma inside the quote, but after it, because it does not have anything to do with Jim's quote, it is simply setting the rythm for the overall thought.

Do I know this is wrong? Yes, but I think someone got it wrong long ago and it makes no sense to me.  It's like when I went to school at Central High in Omaha and the trigonometry teacher refused to tell me how any Babylonian (or the Greek, Archimedes) could ever formulate an equation that arrived at 3.14... as the number for pi. So I refused to acknowledge trigonometry altogether. Sad mistake, but if you can't show me the logic behind something, I refuse to take your word for it.  Especially when it involves math.  Or pie. I always want to taste it to see if it's any good. ;)

As you can see, I know nothing.

What this website will become is still undetermined.  We shall see.  

Nevertheless... Thanks for reading. God bless & stay safe! -Doug

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