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Updated May 23rd, 2020

After updating your website you can update this engine in the members area, and more active members get better search results for their more frequently updated websites.

Active Search Results 

Anoox Search Engine

Anoox is a non-profit search engine that I like because you get rewarded for your community support when someone needs a little help or has a question.


Bing is grown-up now & you can even get rewards for searches using Bing if you join.


Easy-to-use word spelling look-up.

Domain Perfection

My commentary on the domain name industry and rampant corporate greed.

Meta Tags & SEO

Meta Tags (in the header of an HTML document) contain a little synopsis about what is found on that web page. Used correctly, they can be used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website pages. 

HTML Character Codes

This web page lists all of the HTML character codes in an easy-to-use look-up table.

Use a square image of yourself or your logo and use this web app to convert it into a favicon for your website or blog. 

Robots File

The "robots" file is a text file that can be used to direct traffic with well-behaved web crawlers. This then acts like a traffic cop and becomes an optimization technique since the search engines then don't bother with areas of the website they need not bother with. 

phpinfo() file

Sometimes you need to know the version of the OS, web server, php, database & other installed plug-ins and apps on your Linux web hosting account (such as before you install a new app). Don't bother the support techs, get it yourself anytime you need it!


Educational Tuition Assistance resources (currently under development).

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