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I'm going to be upfront...

I am just one guy that loves this domin name and I have been holding onto it for a pretty long time. As I write these first couple of sentences I am unsure what this website will ever become, if anything. But, I don't want it to become a website about nothing, that's just too 'Seinfeld' for me. So, I will start out with a resources directory because I have been designing and serving up websites and administrating web directories through-out my design career and multiple web hosting server platforms for over 24 years, now.

Whatever this site becomes, it won't be a directory, I am simply starting with that to promote myself a bit. Maybe I'll use it as a sounding board? I'm an old man, I have a lot to gripe about, after all. Originally it was supposed to be a cartoon & graphics site. We'll see. Until then, I'll finish out the first few pages here and get this site online.

Please be safe in these dangerous times. The U.S. government doesn't care a single iotta about its people or they would be diligent in their fight against the Covid-19 virus, but they barely even do testing because the orange president doesn't want big numbers (and yet we have the highest cases, highest death toll, and we were warned well in advance of its arrival. 

Photo credit for the header intro image of the Sioux Falls Federal Building:
Doug Peters  Personal Portfolio: ( or Dougs.Work)


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