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Updated May 24th, 2020


Free, fun, modular vector or pixel font editor.

Glyphr Studio

Free online vector font editor with bezier curve support. Streamlined for hobbists, but powerful. There is also a free app which is currently (as of this writing) in beta.


Multiplatform, free, open source, professional font editor. Originally created for Linux, there are also ports to many platforms. The Linux distro is solid. I have finally got a stable and reliable install on Windows 10 Pro (i5 Dell laptop). Used on Macs, too!


Inkscape has extra tools for font designers (including its own SVG Font Editor). You might want to check it out, version 1.0 is now close/pending. It has always been a good, reliable vector drawing platform to date.


High-Logic Font Creator (and Scanahand) is a great addition to your Windows software library because it saves so very much time in putting together a full multilingual character set font.  Plus it has all the tools you would expect.


Glyphs is the modern, full-featured, professional font editor for Macintosh computers. 

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