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Frequently Asked Questions.

Last National FAQ

Last National exists in cyberspace. I administrate it out of my house, for which the address and contact info is on every page, in the footer. The Sioux Falls Federal Building hero image that I use in the web page headers is simply a cool structure with great architecture that I like, and which sort of has the look I was seeking for Last National.

Nothing, really. That is, not yet. I have had designs on this domain name for a website for a long time and finally decided I needed to do something with this domain or I will lose my opportunity. I intend, one day, to post my cartoons and graphics here, but as we all know, plans often change rather quickly when something else comes up and we have to rethink our priorities. Nevertheless, Last National still remains a priority for me and I consider my initial dream still viable, if I can only get the time to follow through. We will see. Having the time to play with it is the key.

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