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Design Resources

Updated May 23rd, 2020


While Inkscape is only now about to release version 1.0, it is an extremely versatile vector arts design program that is reliable and capable. Highly recomended free & open source software that has been around and is a proven tool.

Affinity Designer

Serif Europe, Ltd, has created a highly capable and polished vector art drawing & design program. Illustrator was one of my favorite tools, but Affinity Designer is sometimes more intuitive, much faster, muchmore affordable and the results are awesome.


There is no better program for creating seamless backgrounds, but FilterForge offers a humungous library of filters as well. Photoshop plugin and standalone app.

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica offers 3 daily gifts for designers free (usually a commercial font, graphic & a craft design), every day, plus a free font and a free design each week (check the freebies section). 

Pixel Surplus

Pixel Surplus has a vast library of great freeware fonts that are authorized for commercial use.


Crella usually offers limited quantity $1 premium font specials and a great commercial font subscription plan. Crella offers extremely high quality products.

Font Bundles 

Font Bundles and sister site Design Bundles each offer a free product (font/design) for designers each and every week. The free fonts come out on Free Font Fridays.


DealJumbo and sister site Deeezy promote the Jumbo Design team efforts with freebie offers (often including a free commercial font out of a larger font family) such as graphics and mockups and freeware font offers.


Pixelo has a nice catalog containing a variety of premium freeware & commercial fonts & designer goods.

The Hungry JPEG

A variety of premium designer graphics, Photoshop styles, design elements and more (including fonts). There is a new freebie for each and every week (for a week).

Creative Market

Every week Creative Market offers 6 Free Goods of the Week, and many are high quality commercial products such as fonts, graphics, social media presentation templates, Photoshop or Procreate brushes, text effects, or possibly Lightroom settings.


Mobirise is an application for Android , Mac, & Windows platform computing devices which allows the user to design an entire website using blocks of design elements. Currently, it is still free without all the extra themes & plugins. The Windows version (at least) has a bug where after creating (or changing the text of) a button or a link, you must then deselect it before changing the link web address. This bug has persisted since version 2.x despite my complaints, so it lacks the professionalism we require, but I did endure the struggle to make this, the Last National website, with it (although I paid for the full version with all the bells & whistles).

If you want to design a WordPress based business site, remember that hackers hit them 90,000 times every minute looking for a site to crack open. To stay secure, use Managed WordPress & we keep it up-to-date & only allow secure plugins for your safety...

Domain Hostmaster

Weebly on Domainance

Weebly is available at Domainance, an easy-to-use (drag & drop) responsive website builder you can use to make a website in minutes. Weebly builders have 40 million websites because of their plugins and ecommerce support.

Site Builder @ HD Web Host

Now with a brand new, easy-to-use theme based Site Builder, 'Heavy Duty Web Hosting for High-Definition Websites' makes it easy for anyone to have a secure site with a free Let's Encrypt security certificate on a shared secure IP (just for the security certificates). 

About Dreamweaver...

I have been designing websites since before 1996 and when Macromedia Dreamweaver v. 3 finally came out, I knew I had an HTML editor I could trust. I had upgraded all the way through to Adobe's version CS3, which worked great but lacks the updated HTML/CSS/etc... standards of today. Only in the past year have I upgraded to the subscription based current Creative Cloud versions. There is no doubt, the Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud versions absolutely, positively suck.

Dreamweaver refuses to do even the simplest things like delete the non-breaking space in an otherwise empty table cell, even though the cursor is still blinking and active in that cell. Furthermore, it is so unresponsive (especially the code editor) on my 16 GB, 2.5 GHz i5 powered 2018 Dell Inspiron 5577 Gaming that it is an absolutely worthless peice of crap software.

It is an unprofessional program on any level and should never be incorporated into any professional, business or corporate desin tools platform because it is such a ridulous time-waster that will only make employees' lives miserable and productivity plummet.

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