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Everything we know about Last National so far.

About Last National

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, this is a new living document (as of May 26th, 2020), and I am still unsure what it might become.  I had always planned on saving it for my cartoons, but due to limited desk and storage space, the scanner is always piled high with important papers.

Just what or who is Last National? It's me. I'm Doug Peters and I run a small business freelance brand design and development studio out of my home. I'm also a tech and work on, modify or build computers and media servers from time-to-time. I also run quite a few web hosting and server options that include domain registration capabilities. I have so many options because my clients need different things. We are all different, after all.

As a part of my setting up domain registration and web hosting capabilities and support for my clients, I hand registered a few domain names I like and speculate on their value as brands once I develop them. is one of my early domain name registrations.

Last National was always intended to be my release site for my cartoons and graphic novels, but it's pretty hard to find the time to do that when I am running a small business. It's even tougher now, as I am somewhat retired. Quite honestly, I could no longer suffer doing all the menial labor and not be able to hire anyone, but since I work out of my home it's against South Dakota law to hire anyone to work here for me, and a commercial office/studio has never been in my budget, so I really had no choice but to retire early. 

So, even though I want to keep this site for my cartoons & graphics, I really can't promise a thing. I would need to restart my cartoonist career again, and that kind of took a nose dive in college due to a lack of time.  

There is never enough time to do all what I want to do, and that will never change.

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