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We don't collect a thing (unless you contact us)!
But, some of our corporate partners do...

Last National Privacy Policy Statement

Posted by Doug Peters, May 26th, 2020

This Privacy Policy is considered a second part to the Last National Terms of Service Agreement. You may consider it an amendment. It is kept seperately simply so that it is easier to administrate and keep up-to-date.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy Statement is to inform you what data is collected from our users and how it is used.

Currently, we make no use of cookies. Cookies may come into play eventually, as we add features, web apps, optimize and personalize your user experience on this website. But at this point in time, we aren't even using Google analytics, so we have no cookies on your system.

However, our web host, HD Web Hosting, does generate traffic log files and error logs about the visitors accessing this website.  This is done mainly for security purposes and to trouble-shoot any problems with the website (the error logs).  Your visiting IP address is recorded in these logs and should it be deemed necessary (though I have no idea why it would), could be turned over to law enforcement upon the enforcement of a legal warrant to us or to the web host. Again, I cannot fathom why this would occur, just be aware that government agencies in authority have the power to do so.

Quite honestly, you should probably be more concerned about the NSA's ability to intercept, monitor and record all internet traffic, voice & data telephone transmissions, as well as telegraph traffic. I recommend getting a VPN, though I doubt that would stop the NSA.

As far as the traffic and error logs go, I can and may access them if I think it's required, but I usually don't, unless there is a known issue, myself.  I suspect the same goes for the web host. We are just too busy to worry about the small stuff.

This website is secured with a TLS encryption security certificate registered to this domain name (only).  Whenever you access this website, it is imperative that you use a secure connection. This will stop hackers or criminals from being able to see what you are accessing whenever you connect using an https:// connection. 


However, if you are on a secure connection (a secure connection always starts with https:// in the web address bar), and you decide to contact me as Last National through our online Web Contact Form, then I start collecting your personal information that you send me in order to reply, and later to carry on a conversation or follow-up. But it stays with me and although I may contact you from another one of my identities on the many websites I operate, it will never leave my immediate network.

Never include any passwords or other personal information when using the contact form, even if you are on a secure connection. I am not trying to collect data, I only want enough to contact you again with a reply, and I prefer if you leave a phoine number because I'd rather have a phone conversation than type anymore.