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The free & freeware fonts by Doug Peters that you need.

Freeware Fonts & Web Fonts by Doug Peters

Created by Doug Peters & posted November 1st, 2020

DP Fonts


This font SIL OFL freeware font was created as a public service to give back to the community that has supported and inspired my work, the worldwide web. I've made a living off the web since college. 

At release in 2018 this font featured 618 glyphs including multilingual support along with a variety of dingbats for markup. WebFont was submitted to the Google Fonts collection, but has not been accepted, nor any reason or fault given for not accepting the submission.

'WebFont' by Doug Peters is an SIL Open Font License Freeware Font for Public Use
Full character set of 'WebFont' by Doug Peters, an SIL Open Font License Freeware Font for Public Use.
The full character set supports multilingual Latin languages and offers a nice set of dingbats.
WebFont by DP (Created 2016 - 2018)

The WebFont Logo

By DP (Created by Doug Peters)

I have the following versions in the works: Sans & Serif. Personally, I prefer this one with goth cuts, but I lost interest in the product when Google decided they were too busy to accept it in Google Fonts (or even give me any feedback on it).

Ramscallion Video Series Promo Text Sample Sales Promo using WebFont 

Just an example of the font used as a promo text. is a domain name I own, and this text has nothing to do with it, I am simply using it as a sampling of text using WebFont.

Ramscallion Streaming Video Series Promo Text Sample in WebFont

Ramscallion Faux Streaming Video Promo Text

Just another example of the font used as a promo text.

This Ramscallion streaming video is a premise I had for a UHDTV streaming video series, but YouTube is throwing creators under the bus, so I am looking for a new streaming video platform. 

DP Fonts
Anticipatio OFL freeware font characters sampling


This SIL Open Font License freeware font & web font has a basic latin character set. It is intended to be a small and very mobile web font so that downloads of the typeface are near instant.

For those that like it and would like to see it developed into a more robust Latin character set with multilingual support (not just English), you can request that from me or simply develop the font on your own to take it to that next step.

DP Fonts

Blown Out

Blown Out is yet another semi-abstract art font I created for the sake of art. Not so much because typography needed a font like this, but art cried out for it.

Because we scan letters by their tops and bottoms, the negative space in the middle has little impact other than to get us to carefully read. This modern font is highly adaptable to art poster headlines.

This is another SIL Open Font Licensed freeware font, allowing users great latitude in possible uses, including as a web font (#webfont) or even creating their own derivative font from it. 

Blown Out freeware font text sample image.
DP Fonts

DP Fonts...

I have been designing freeware & shareware fonts  (& web fonts) for a while, now. Recently, I released a couple of commercial fonts.  So while I am still figuring out what I want this website to become (I have plans to make it a sort of an art/cartoons/meme site), I thought I'd showcase some of the fonts I've designed right here.

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