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I've been using free tools (FontStruct, FontForge, etc.) to design fonts for a long time. The practice has not not enhanced my passion for the written word, but also my expertise in creating intellectual properties such as logos, Trademarks, Service Marks, seals, icons and badges. I encourage everyone to try it.

Most of the fonts that I created with free tools are freeware, with a couple of exceptions. A few are shareware demos that will accommodate a more complete character set if registered for a nominal fee (via PayPal). And the last couple of these became commercial projects available at my DP Fonts web store.

Since then, I have acquired the full license to High-Logic FontCreator, Scanahand, TypeTool & ScanFont and as soon as I can get some free time to finish a few fonts off, I will be releasing more commercial fonts.

This page serves to index a variety of fonts & web fonts that I use in my graphic design, brand marketing and coding projects, starting with my own. 

Photo credit for the header intro image of the Sioux Falls Federal Building:
Doug Peters  Personal Portfolio: ( or Dougs.Work)

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